Pedagoška konferenca in mreža – Zgodovina izobraževanja, ECER 2017

Special call for papers NW17, Histories of Education, ECER 2017

NW 17: Educational reforms and historiographical change


Educational reforms and change


Changes and reforms have been sources of concern in education since times immemorial. This call for papers invites scholars to explicitly relate the existing scholarship on change and continuity in education to their concrete studies of endeavours of reform or conservation in the field of education. Different points of attention can be put forward. One could think about the role played by particular personalities or educational organisations in bringing about or obstructing educational change and, in addition, identify how they make up and occupy national as well as transnational spaces of educational development. It also seems relevant to tease out historical explanations for the success and/or failure of educational reforms and the seemingly irresistible drive towards educational change.  Thus, historical perspectives on educational reform find relevance in informing on-going debates in favour of or against educational reform. Another important question is that of how educational visions and aims pursued by advocates of reform have been appropriated by educators, teachers, parents, children, young people and adults, and so on. It is moreover worth investigating how ideas and initiatives of educational reform travel, get translated, and sediment across time and space? Finally, it seems key to inquire also into the question of time in educational reform and change; that is, the notion of linear progression, of circular recurrences, and of pace and speed in the course of educational reform work. As Network 17: Histories of education has a longstanding interest in materialities of schooling and visual source material, we are eager to receive proposals that focus on the way photographs, films, school furniture or school architecture ? to name but a few possibilities ? have figured in regional, national or international programmes of educational reform.
Historiographical reforms and change

There is a continuous and innovative discussion of methodologies, theories and their impact on writing histories of education. As a result of this discussion, the nature of the field, the theoretical and methodological tools used, as well as subject material taught to students have undergone several changes. With this call for papers we as convenors of Network 17: Histories of education therefore warmly welcome submissions that focus on how the history of education and the art/craft of writing histories of education more generally has changed throughout time. In addition, scholars could think about how educational reforms internationally have come to impact on the teaching of history of education to (under)graduate students. Rather than to merely paint a grim picture we invite scholars to present refreshing and innovative ways of how the history of education can be related to current and future trends in educational policy and research.

Network 17 encourages researchers from within and across the history of education to submit proposals for full presentations, symposia, workshops or posters that deal with the above-mentioned themes. For more information about these different formats see the ECER website. In order to ensure high-quality conference sessions for the next review round reviewers will be asked to pay particular attention to the general scientific criteria for abstracts stipulated by the EERA council.

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