Štipendije mehiške vlade 2016/17

2016 Mexican Government Excellence Scholarship Program for Foreign Students is online in Spanish and in English, at the following link: http://www.gob.mx/amexcid/acciones-y-programas/becas-para-extranjeros-30133. The application deadline for all programs is September 15th, 2016. Candidates may arrive at the host institution earliest in June and latest in November 2016.


Scholarship Program:

  • Visiting Professors
  • High-level Conferences
  • Genaro Estrada Scholarship for Specialists in Mexican Studies
  • Artist Residencies
  • Media Residencies
  • Improving the Quality of Mexican Secondary and Higher Education Institutions


All applications should be submitted online through the Academic Cooperation Management System:https://sigca.sre.gob.mx/login

For specific technical questions about the system, please refer to: Edward García Mejía, Systems Consultant t. +52 55 3686 5100|egarciam@sre.gob.mx

Detailed information for applications (in Spanish and English) may be found under:


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